What I Did On My Holidays

Chapter 9

Too much L.A.

Day 5

Had a ridiculously large brunch. Walked on Rodeo Drive. Played "Spot the limo", got bored real quick. Headed to Hollywood. Max wasn't sure where Hollywood actually was. He got sick of sitting in traffic so we aborted the Hollywood trip and headed toward Manhattan beach. This means that we were now sitting in traffic heading the other way.

Manhattan beach is a very nice area. Pacific Ocean, wide beach, bikepath, walkway and lots of little houses stacked up the side of the dune looking out to sea. Lovely place where the privilege of occupying a two bedroom shoe box would set you back each month the paltry sum of US$3000. Look but don't touch.

The other feature of Manhattan beach is that it is beach volleyball Mecca. The home of beach volleyball, there is a pier where one can see volleyball courts stretching out in each direction for a long, long way.

We also spotted some dolphins from this pier. Unlike the dolphins you can see from the Sorrento-Queenscliff ferry, who play in the bow wave of the ferry, these guys just cruised along slowly, doing nothing much. Clearly stoned.

After dinner that night, as we left the restaurant, we overheard one woman say to her companion, "Gee it's cold, it must be 40 degrees (translation 4 degrees C). I can see my breath!" I was wearing shorts and concluding that Los Angelinos don't know what cold is.


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